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Katie 3

I met A when I was 18. We had a class together in College our first semester (June 2011).. The second semester rolls around, and I meet him again, and then the third semester comes, and I see him in another class. Him and his friends used to poke fun at me, and make me blush when they would say "A wants to take you on a date." Summer 2012 rolls around, and he adds me on Facebook.. he then messages me asking if I could help him with an essay he is writing for our class. I tell him, sure I'll help. He comes over, and he's all funny. He was someone I was expecting to be a jerk, but he ended up being amazing.. different than what I expected. Well about a month later of hanging with him, we decided to have sex. We were both virgins, and we were both ready. It didn't really hurt, but that was because I was super comfortable with him. We aren't together now, but I don't regret my decision of him being my first.. because at the time, it was the decision I made.