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I found out I was Hiv Positive 3weeks ago.....for a second I thought my life had come to an end, but I remembered I got GOD so in reality my life had jus begun. Regardless of what I go thru I know I can make thru...Losing my best friend 10 months ago and my brother 7 months ago , then I being diagnosed with hiv is alot to grasp I still manage to walk with my head held high thru it all...I haven't found out what stage I'm at yet or have I started any medication because of the process u have to go thru it could take a couple weeks...My appointment for treatment is Aug.19th so I'm waiting patiently till then...I do get scared at times because I don't know if I'm going wake up r not when I go to sleep...I'm jus ready to start treatment then I will feel better about my situation...