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James 1

I am 15 and Gay. I came out over a year ago now. Before I came out, I was completely terrified about how people were going to react. Fortunately, I had a Gay Language Teacher who I could talk to about my feelings. He was a role model to me and still is today. Without someone else who has been through the same experience or currently still experiencing it, I would have never had felt supported before I officially came out. I started off by telling my Mum and then my oldest sister. This went down smoothly and was extremely reassuring for me. My Step-Dad who I am close to also took this information well and supports everything i do. However, My sister's fiancee was 'Homophobic', which really scared me. Luckily enough, I told him that it was not a choice and explained exactly how i felt and how i couldn't do anything about it. I am not going to lie, he isn't over the moon about it but he does respect it and we joke about. Jokes about your sexuality will come with confidence. Telling my other siblings were fine. The next challenge was school. I was comfortable telling my friends simply because of their nature, it was just the other people that I had to socialise with that might have been a problem. TELLING THEM WAS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. When telling them, I had gained so much respect and it really opened my eyes as to how lying about not being gay, when you actually are, can cause more problems. The teachers also really helped me out, and have been supportive about it the whole time. A year on, Life has only just got better. Currently, I am achieving better grades ( Straight A's with the exception of Maths because I don't like following a pattern/routine of course!) My confidence has had a dramatic affect on other decisions. I was elected for School and Year council in which I both currently am. I am a mentor to younger students and also take many other leadership tasks. Without coming out, i simply wouldn't have had the confidence to run for these opportunities.