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hope 1

Hi ma name is hope m 23 I found out that m hiv+ 2012 dec on da 11th the thing is that I always got sick. Since august of 2012 dn I went 2 a doctor 2 check y I was always sick belive when I got thr hiv was da last thng on ma mind bt he insisted that I need 2 get tested coz he knew mostly youth people live wit it not knowin n I went with ma mom jst. 4 support I wanted hour 2 b in da room wn the results came back n w were both shocked bt luckly m not on meds yet coz ma cd4 count is 456 I had 2 stop drinkn n eatin lots of spices I have 2 eat healthy then ma doctor said I'll b ohk as long as I follow his instuctions m so greaful I had my mom ther wit me n I told ma father the same day I found the result coz I needed both their support the only person I can't is ma boyfriend coz m scared his 2 weak 2 handle wt wv bin thru tryn 2 cope wit it somehow m hopn he'll go 2 the doctor n jst get tested n m scared maybe he'll blame me dat I gave it 2 him but the question that stil remain is did I get it from him coz wn w 1st met I told him w both shud go n test together but he neva answered me but now is not the time 2 point fingers I hope he won't d the same when he finds out I really I love him pls help me n the worst part about this he wants 2 marry but I can't accept coz I feel like I'm a traitor coz he dsnt hv a clue about our status pls help me plsssssss I thank god I have the most supportive parents ever m greatful 2 have them n guys pls its easy livin with hiv if u hv support sooooo pls take care and accept dat ur livin wit it then live goes on u cnt change it but u can turn ur life around n live positive life u don't have to go around telling people that u livin wit hiv. But m sure there' sum1 u can trust wit ur scret coz people do change when thy know ur hiv+ so until ur ready 2 share n handle the pressure kip it 2 urslf n ur doctor 4 support...- thank god 4 giving me this coz it shows that he belives m strong enough to handle it n I also pray 4 lots of faith that I can always bit this