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Living with HIV/AIDS

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


Recently I found out that a close friend and co-worker of mine has been tested HIV+. I reflect on my life because it can happen to anyone.

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i think im hiv positive im 20 years old but i think i got the virus when i was 17 years old i been having sytoms for a long just scared to get tested because i know its goin to be positive. i wouldnt know how to tell my family i wouldnt know how to tell anybody one thing for sure i do need somebody to talk you cant go thru this alone.

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I am 31 years old and just found out that I'm HIV positive on the 25th of March when I went to Ante Natal Clinic to book for my pregnancy. That excitement turned to grief as I didn't see any reason to celebrate that I'm now Mrs. I didn't know what to do after hearing these bad news but after reading the stories on your website, I'm positive and strong.

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I am a woman now pushing 70. I am white British middle class and heterosexual. I was 53 years old living in rural middle England when I was diagnosed.

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Angel 1

I know it’s hard to live with this virus but it gets easier with time, all it takes is motivation. You have to want to live and to understand that it won’t be easy. Some days I feel like not waking up, not seeing people, not wanting to talk to anyone, but to my knowledge people go through that whether positive or not, but with us been positive we turn to blame everything on been positive.

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