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Living with HIV/AIDS

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


The day i found out my youngest brother is hiv positive was the worst day of my life see he is more than a brother he is my best friend ,my son and i will never forget it. .... i asked him how could you be so careless with his life and he said to me and i quote "i didnt think it could happen to me"!!!!

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Mr. N.

I don't want to tell you HOW I got HIV, instead, I'll tell you what I did with it. So I took what was a directionless life, went back to school, and studied HIV. Six years later, I'm a PhD candidate at an excellent university and have begun experimenting on HIV, finding new ways to inhibit and hopefully destroy the pandemic it has caused. I failed science in high school but now I know why: I had no motivation. HIV is the perfect excuse to move beyond the hum-drum of normal life and make your life something special, something worthwhile.

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is not that easy to be hiv positive im married and my husband is negative every year he takes test for his well being....

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Before I start I know your eyes probably hurt with all the "googling" you've been doing, as well as your fingers... So if its any help... Dont google... You'll send yourself mad!! You can certainly google specific things, but dont just type in HIVAIDS... because that information can be A. Unreliable and B. Confusing. Trust me, I've spent many of sleepless nights wondering if I could live a normal life again, because of some advice I believed from some random person, who was given the mighty title of "Top contributor" on "Yahoo Answers"... What sounds important, just too bad they aren't... Read more Read more

Jay 3

First of all if you're somebody that is negative reading this please make sure you know your status as nerve wrecking it might be your better off because otherwise you’ll be putting a love one at risk.... Am 28 just got diagnosed with HIV, I’m still in denial and think about hurting myself more then a few times a day.

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