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Living with HIV/AIDS

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Anon 12

On new years eve last year my drink was spiked. I was raped and bashed by two men. They ruined me. Three months later, I tested HIV positive. It is now September and after what happened on new years and being diagnosed I struggled with some serious depression. I tried to kill myself twice but I thankfully failed. So now here I am. HIV positive after my rape but I am here and I am doing ok.

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Precious Child

Hi ladies, I was diagnosed today August 27 2010. Its sad I'm pregnant with my first Child. I call him precious baby. I must start ARVs on Monday for the Sake of Precious. I told his father today he just stared at me never said anything. I think he blames me, but I never cheated him even once. Last time I tested neg. I'm so devastated.

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I dont have the virus but my older sister has it she is only 28years and dont have a family. I have a family who i havent shared with the news since i dont know how they will take it. am sooo stressed out and my work progress is very down especially when i remember my sister.

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I am currently a full month away from being 21 years old. I am HIV +. I was born with it, but i didn't know what was wrong with me till i was 15 years old. The way that i found out was that something was first wrong with me was when i was six years old and i got blind after getting very sick and taking twice as long as the other kids to get better.

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Anon 11

When i found out i was so angry at myself how could i have did this to myself and my wife and family. The one thing that keep me was my wife unconditional love for she didn't left me, it wasn't easy but she still with me and i love her for that. I hope my story help someone when you have sex with people you don't know anything about think twice cause your life you save will be your self put on a condom

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