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Living with HIV/AIDS

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Proud Husband

I am 35 and married for 4 years now. I found out that my wife is HIV positive when she was pregnant with our first child. I thought the world was falling on us; never did it EVER cross my mind on switching the blame but i was worried about her and the child. I went to several HIV tests ever since and mine always come negative. I’m just thankful that our child is now 3 years old and negative. I love my wife and I will never desert her because of her status.

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Anon 12

On new years eve last year my drink was spiked. I was raped and bashed by two men. They ruined me. Three months later, I tested HIV positive. It is now September and after what happened on new years and being diagnosed I struggled with some serious depression. I tried to kill myself twice but I thankfully failed. So now here I am. HIV positive after my rape but I am here and I am doing ok.

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Precious Child

Hi ladies, I was diagnosed today August 27 2010. Its sad I'm pregnant with my first Child. I call him precious baby. I must start ARVs on Monday for the Sake of Precious. I told his father today he just stared at me never said anything. I think he blames me, but I never cheated him even once. Last time I tested neg. I'm so devastated.

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I dont have the virus but my older sister has it she is only 28years and dont have a family. I have a family who i havent shared with the news since i dont know how they will take it. am sooo stressed out and my work progress is very down especially when i remember my sister.

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I am currently a full month away from being 21 years old. I am HIV +. I was born with it, but i didn't know what was wrong with me till i was 15 years old. The way that i found out was that something was first wrong with me was when i was six years old and i got blind after getting very sick and taking twice as long as the other kids to get better.

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