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Living with HIV/AIDS

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


I was 7 months pregnant an old boyfriend I dated in 1985 was killed in a car wreck. I was told by mutual friends that his parents wanted to tell me something he had planned on telling me prior to his death, he was HIV+. I immediately was worried about my son, so I was test and found out I was positive as well. I had my son tested as soon as he was born and thank God, I did not pass on to him. In 1985, HIV wasn't as known to the straight community, I was on birth control, so I thought I was fine.....

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Wife 1

Well my husband recently told be days ago that he thinks he's HIV positive. If you know anyone that is infected give them lots of love. lots and lots cause they shouldn't have to face it by themselves.

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I was diagnosed a little over 0ne year ago. I was and am still very angry but the problem is, who can I be angry at? The last time he and I were intimate, I was the bottom and after he got off he pulled out and his face turned white, and he just stared down at his dick. ....The condom had broke and he ejaculated inside of me!

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Hey guys, am a 24 year old Nigerian lady living with HIV. I on my own decided to go for a test, I wasn't feeling sick or anything.... My doctor, mum and sister were the only ones I could talk to and am sure I made it through that period cos of the support they gave me (especially my doctor). He kept explaining the nature of the disease over and over again, telling me how healthier I was than most of the people living without the disease and how I could live a normal life, get married and have healthy babies.

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My Story

I'm 22 years old I wad diagnosed with HIV in 2009 I was turning 20. A guy I was some what dating gave me the virus. I usually use protection but that night he bought me so many drinks that I don't even remember anything.

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