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Living with HIV/AIDS

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

No name 1

I was diagnosed with HIV in May 2011 which I can not really explain how or when i contracted the virus. I have not yet started taking the ARV's despite my CD4 count of 229 as I am afraid of the side effects and am trying my best to raise my immunity.

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I broke up with my girlfriend half year ago and i was depressed for several weeks. I drank a lot since that day and used to have sex with anyone who want to have sex. I didn't even care if i might be infected with HIV, I even wanted to see how HIV look like. Then, I was diagnosed with HIV + a month ago.

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I just wanted to share my story after reading stories from ladies that test postive for hiv.

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Sandy 1

I have a wonderful, tall, handsome 22 year old son who has HIV. He found out he had it after he committed a petty crime at 18... I have never seen him so low. As a mother my heart breaks. It seems everyone has left him now and he is totally alone to deal with all the prospects and stigma this disease brings.

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Hi im Cloe a 21yr old now i found out i was HIV+ in 2008. ....i never really had family my mom passed away wen i was 13... im scared im going to leave behind my daughter one day with no mom nor dad at home.histroy might just repeat it self...

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