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Living with HIV/AIDS

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


HIV is not a death penalty it is a challenge to us

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She had been moved from one Hospital to another, from Traditional healers to the best Private doctors in our Country.

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George 2

It hasn't been easy telling of my condition to anyone not even my family but am looking for a wife of a similar status to take care of each other coz the conditions are at time hard n unbearable.

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It's been a few months now, almost 6 months since i found out that i am hiv positive. Its been a few hard months. Going through all of the emotions, not knowing.

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I am a woman of 28yrs, i discovered my status when my husband was diagnosed in 2008.I was afraid to test but i ended testing and as i thought i was positive... I started my treatment in 2009 when my CD4 count was 250,i was sceptical of it bcos of the stigma around ARV'S but God was with me. I didn't suffer from any side effects until now i have never been sick n my CD4 count is way up high.

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