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Hey, i'm Georgia and im 17!

I am bi - curious.

This year and the last few years, i've been through a lot of shit that has to do with my sexuality.  I've always loved girls because they are so amazing, both sexually and emotionally.

I've had 3 intense crushes on girls, one in 2005, 2006, 2007 with my bestfriend of 3 years. The other one was on one of my new friends I met in 2009 and 2010, im still really close friends with her. But now I've had one  since the start of this year, but this is totally different to the other ones.

I've known this girl since primary school since grade 5, and we've been friends ever since, but i didn't hang out with her very often. When I was invited to go into her group in grade 9, 2009 I started to get to know her even better.

This year she has been the most amazing friend, she has helped me so much dealing with this relationship, that wasn't even a relationship I had with this guy and i'm still having trouble getting over him, because of the amazing memories we've had last year and my first kiss with him earlier this year.

But she knew that i've been really hurt, by what he did so she made me delete and block him from my facebook account and all of my other accounts. She was always there for me when I felt alone. She was there for me when my younger sister, who is 15, was going through a depressive stage in her life earlier this year, she invited me over to her house when my mum was abusive and stressed and would abuse me, she was and still is the only friend I can tell things too, and trust with my whole heart.

A few months ago she and I had a massive discussion about a million different things and I told her that i'm bi - curious and i've had a massive crush on our close friend, and she was amazingly fine with it. Ever since then I've thought about her and I making out to see if I am bi sexual, or a lesbian. But personally, I am sooooo scared of telling her because I know she's never experienced love before and she's never kissed a guy or a girl in her entire life and she love her own personal space, which is really worrying for me (i've even wrote down what I wanna say to her!).  I really really wanna make out with her because firstly i've never kissed a girl and secondly i've always loved girls. Though, I am sooo scared of losing our friendship that we've had for 7 years and I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life.

I'm excited but afraid at the same time :/

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