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Stories from friends and family of positive people

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


My aunt just informed me she was HIV positive she was holding out on telling me because when I first heard a rumor that her partner was infected and she was being naive and not really paying me attention I became angry.

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I am the mother of a homosexual son that has been diagnosed with HIV positive. He met a woman and married her. He's still gay and practicing while he is married. He doesn't care who he is with. He is so bitter at God for allowing this to happen to him. I have become bitter too. Not only is he still gay and married and his marriage is falling apart but he's HIV positive now.

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The day i found out my youngest brother is hiv positive was the worst day of my life see he is more than a brother he is my best friend ,my son and i will never forget it. .... i asked him how could you be so careless with his life and he said to me and i quote "i didnt think it could happen to me"!!!!

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Recently I found out that a close friend and co-worker of mine has been tested HIV+. I reflect on my life because it can happen to anyone.

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I wanted to write to encourage everyone living with HIV to stay positive no matter what. I am negative by the grace of God. However I lost my beautiful sister who was only 43 and my two brothers.... Coming from an African country, the stigma attached to having HIV is what kills people. We would rather hide behind witchcraft and ignorance than face the truth. I urge people from all over the world to get tested and know your status.

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