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Stories from friends and family of positive people

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Wife 1

Well my husband recently told be days ago that he thinks he's HIV positive. If you know anyone that is infected give them lots of love. lots and lots cause they shouldn't have to face it by themselves.

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a hurt mom

I found out this week my son is HIV positive i haven't even gotten comfortable with the thought of him being gay my heart hurts so bad I'm 38 my son 23. I love him so much and there's nothing I can do to save him its hard to stop crying I have other children I have to be strong for and take care of its hard when I can't focus this is taking over my mind.

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Alicia 1

My relationship with my father has always been strained because he was never there when I was growing up. Last summer I finally saw him only to discover he was HIV+.
I have spent so many years hating my father but I now I'm scared he's going to die

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I have a story of the most loving brother-in-law. My brother-in-law was 11 when I met him. He never let us know how ill he was. He never asked for help.

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My positive dad

This story is actually about my dad who was diagnosed w aid in 1995. He was only 34 when he found out he was positive w Aids and kept it to himself for about 5yrs. He started using drugs at a very young age, it started w smking weed and progressed to stronger drugs eventually he started using heroin. the cycle of useing heroin lasted most of my childhood, he was in and out of every prison for as long as i can remember.

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