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Stories from friends and family of positive people

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Wayne: My partner is living with HIV

My partner found out he is HIV postive this year. It was awfull hearing the news at first. I looked at him, then we had a few moments together, we cried, and I said: "I'm not going to leave you."

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Candy: My sister is living with HIV

I try keeping a positive mind for my sister and I often read these stories and send them to her. I hope one day she'll see that its not the end of the world.

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Wife: My husband is living with HIV

I found out my husband was HIV positive about two years ago, I was devastated and so scared I may be infected after being married for 14 years and having two children.

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Littledee: My sister was living with HIV

To me she was like my mum. She had been sick for some time and didn't understand why nothing was helping her.

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I met one of the most charming young girl around that time. Small talks led way to long conversation.... Eventually I realized that I was completely in love with her. Finally I got a mail saying " I have HIV". For two years we were together, we never had penetrative sex...Finally one fine day she told me that she had found someone else who was just as 'fucked up'. She told me that there was no need for me to be with her anymore.

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