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First time sex stories

A selection of young people related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Katie: My first time with A

We aren't together now, but I don't regret my decision of him being my first, because at the time, it was the decision I made.

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Laura 2

Kids NEED sex ed. I have never had sex ed. but my boyfriend had had it , he explained it to me and answered any questions Read more

Taiyang: my first time

There was no way I was going to ask my parents to be put on the pill, as they would freak out. None of my friends had sex before, and I had no one to consult,

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Anon 22

I've just completed highschool- and as much as I've been in situations whereby it could easily have happened, I have never ever allowed it to. I am guilty, however, of having led those couple of guys on- despite knowing I would never do it. Now, I have met a wonderful guy... However, the issue of sex has come up again. Read more


When I was 14 my boyfriend and I decided to have sex. Now unlike the other stories, it was ME who was asking HIM for sex. I want everyone to know to do it right, and when you're ready. And to also know that it is okay to be a GIRL and want to have sex, but make sure you are actually ready and do it when you're prepared. Read more