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First time sex stories

A selection of young people related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Erica and A.J

I'm seventeen and I didn't lose my virginity til a little while ago. It was to my boyfriend..... He is a little bit older than me and more experienced sexually and never pressured me to do anything. He always stopped when I asked him to. I'm so glad I waited for somebody who actually had feelings for me and I for him. We are still together. :)

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Jen 1

If you knew me you'd never thought I'd be the one to lose my virginity before I was married. I am 17. My boyfriend 18. We've been together for 4 months now.

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Amanda 1

My first time was when I was 15, and it was 2 days before my and my first serious boyfriend's 6 months. My advice; there is no set time, age, place, or anything when you'll be ready to lose your virginity. When it's time, you'll know because you know won't have any regret with it.

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Truthfully, I never thought I would loose my virginity at such a tender age. Then it so happened on his birthday I went to meet him and give him a gift I had bought to say happy birthday. I told him I wasn't ready but he pleaded till I gave up. It was painful and because I wasn't ready I was left with a lot of guilt to the extent that it still haunts me up to this day. My lesson and what I would like to tell you is make sure you are ready, if not stand your ground and say NO!

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months. I am 14 and he's 15. On our 6th month, we began to fool around in his bed. For my first time, I really regret what I allowed to happen. We weren’t protected after allllll the times we've talked about how contraceptives were a MUST . I felt so used by the person i loved and I actually cried because I regretted what happened.

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