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First time sex stories

A selection of young people related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Wendy 1

When i was 15 I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. Girls or guys do not push yourselves or others to do something you arnt ready to do. Sex is a big deal,espically to people who havnt experienced it. Make sure it is with someone you love and make it count.

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Katie 1

I lost my virginity to my best friend. I was 17 and so was he. We didn't plan to have sex the night that we did but he took me out to dinner and we came back to my house and just happened to be home alone and I knew that that was how is was supposed to happen. I never regretted the way that I lost my virginity and I know that I lost it to the right person.

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Michelle 1

I am 17 and I am still debating about losing my virginity. I just want girls out there to know that if they are being pressured into having sex, they need to stay strong and because sometime boys can be very hurtful and rude; after all it is not easy to find a guy who does not want to just jump in your pants or stop when you ask him to.

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Danny 1

My name is Danny I'm currently 16 years old. My first time I believe was when I was 14. I really liked liked this guy.... The next wk I found him asking so many boys and girls out. I didn't want to break up with him because he was my first love! I kept the basic monthly thing happening and then it finally struck me. He told me right after it's over I just don't feel anything anymore.

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I was 15 when i lost my virginity. Well he told me just to let him put it in all the way one time, so i did, it hurt.. it only lasted about 5 min b/c i was in a lot of pain..

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