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Coming out

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Thomas 1

I'm going to start by telling you all that I am gay but still in the closet I can't come out at the moment to my parents because when my older brother did they kicked him out i shoud say that I am 16.... At school only my close friends know i'm gay and not one of them would betray my trust because they know what happened to the last person to come out as openly gay, they were badly beaten and then consequently had to move away from here.

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My name's Dakotah, and I'm bisexual. I'm currently 14 years old, and I have a boyfriend. I have been with girls before, two last year, who were both my best friends at one point. A teacher informed my mom and one night she asked me about it. I told her I was bi, and she flipped out. She kept telling me, "You're 13! You don't know what you are! You're just going through a stupid phase." But I knew I wasn't. Who is she to tell me who I am?

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Sarah 1

Two nights ago I had a conversation with my dad, and we got into a big argument about gay rights. He struggles with homophobic feelings towards gay people and as a result doesn't have problems with people using 'gay' as a negative term ("What a fag!") or joking about gay men. Do I need to confront my parents? I know the conversation will be a difficult one... could it ruin everyone's holiday? Could it create much more honest discussions about homophobia?

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Evan 1

I knew that i am different ever since i grew up. As i turned 15, i was certain that i am gay and started to look at men in a sexual way. I was so uncomfortable with myself. I tried to "like" girls but it didn't work out. For now, i really wanna come out to family and friends but i don't have enough strength for that yet, i don't know what i shall do honestly, but i will have to do it.

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Jake 1

I'm a senior man, who has lived a lie all his life. Married (love the wife) and conceived 2 children who are now grown up into fine citizens! Wife and I continue to get intimate occasionally! Have had a few intimate male encounters in my life and always have the itch for more! But never want to hurt all the people who I love and depend on me!

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