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Coming out

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Crystal 2

my names crystal but everyone calls me Chris im 15 years old and im a lesbian i knew since about the 1st grade that i liked girls and not really boys...

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Hi im toby im 14 and i came out about number 2 months ago. I think I've known i was gay since i was 11 or 12. I told myself that i needed to to tell someone but i didn't have the balls to tell them myself , so i just text my friend Emily and said "i have something to tell you" , and then just told her im gay. its alot easier coming out through text because all u have to do is click send ,but i strongly advise against it because had butterflies in my stomach all weekend untill i saw her again on Monday. Read more

James 1

I am 15 and Gay. I came out over a year ago now. Before I came out, I was completely terrified about how people were going to react. A year on, Life has only just got better. I am a mentor to younger students and also take many other leadership tasks. Without coming out, i simply wouldn't have had the confidence to run for these opportunities. Read more


I, a gay male, a gay teen of 16, have but recently come to terms with my own "internal struggles." My parents took it like champs. They accepted me, told me they'd love me no matter what and even cried a little that I didn't trust them enough to tell them. They tell me things like be careful because the gay lifestyle is harder, more dangerous. Read more


Hi guys, my name is Zachery, and I am 16. You know how people say, "Oh I have known all my life that I was gay," well for me that is not true. The very first person I came out to was my best friend. She is very nice and accepting but I was still worried to tell anyone. That is because my school is basically homophobe high, being gay is a very bad idea there... Read more