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Hello All, I am a 43 year old woman and i discovrred my status on 15 September 2009. At the time my cd4 was 650 and since then i have not been on any medication. My cd4 now is 325 and my Doctor (bless his soul) has recommended i start treatment but i am scared. I am terrified because i have not told anyone (family and friends) about my status because of the stigma. I did start attending a clinic, after bring advised to do so by my friend, also a Doctor (God also bless his soul), so my hiv is being professionally managed. I am single mom with an adult child who i have raised alone (with so much support from my family and so many others including teachers) since my husband and my daughter's fathrr died whileather died. I am not sure when i contacted the desease but i know it was due to my yearning desire to find a partner and also have a child. So during two years between 2007 and 2009 i was promiscuous and thereby contacted the disease. Since them, i have been lonely, wishing to find a man to love and cherish me, yet i am scared to reveal my status. Resultantly, the sexual encounters i have had have all been protected. I just want to tell everyone out there that life goes on and that this desease is not a death sentence and although life as you know it may change because of your new status, it is still your life which only you can live to the fullest. I love you all and like all of us with the disease, i hope and pray that God shows the scientests the way to the cure. Xoxo