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Ashely 1

well I lost my virginty when I was 16. (my boyfriend just broke up with me.) I was at a football game and I was with my guy friend because my friend was using the restroom. we were behind the restrooms and he says, "do you want to make out." so I agreed because I thought we were just going to do that. it started to get crowed and my friend left so he drove us to his apartment (he was 18). so we get to his room then he asked "do you want to have sex." I said yes because I just wanted to move on from my boyfriend. it really bad at first and he wasn't a virgin but when I was having sex I didn't feel any emotions but it did hurt at first. when we were done he said, "it was only a one night thing and I hope we can just forget about it." I cried for like three days. I really wish I waited because it was the worst experience ever. I do have a boyfriend and we both has sex together. I'm not 19 and he's only 20. I wish I waited. but seriously girls wait till you find the right boy or after you get married.