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Anon 22

This might not be the correct category for my story since I'm still a virgin- at 17 n a half. I've just completed highschool- and as much as I've been in situations whereby it could easily have happened, I have never ever allowed it to. The first guy who initiated it, when I was only 14, almost succeeded but I kept on remembering my values and the principles I had set for myself. He was totally wrong for me anyway- definitely not the kind of man I wanted to give that special part of myself to. Since then, my mind never wavered regarding the matter. I am guilty, however, of having led those couple of guys on- despite knowing I would never do it. Now, I have met a wonderful guy- we first set eyes on each other 2 years ago though. He is sweet, caring and really loves me. However, the issue of sex has come up again. I am not ready to go all the way. As much as I feel I can't wait for marriage, I also feel it would be worth the wait. I have told him of my concerns- at first he understood but now claims he's been waiting for me and only me, we would get married later etc. He's already occupied a manly role in my life- at just 18. It still doesn't change my mind. I know I might disappoint him, but my virginity feels like that one thing that adds tremendous value to my life.