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Anon 21

Hi my name is Thato..21yrs i call it d golden age- iv bn diagnosed wit HIV 4days ago,still fresh,i stil get dt cold rush in my blood wen d counselor told me my HIV status..i donated blood @ skul nd it felt great,it wasn't d frst tme thou bt ds tme it chnged my whle life' a week aftr i donated blood i got a call from 1 of SANBS representatives,asking if we could meet,i started 2 panic,i cried tht night nd later convinced my self that its okay, it can't be c'rus considering i had a short bleed (i.e. My blood ddnt reach amount required) i remember i had a test on monday nd asked if tuesday was okay..i sat there tuesday morning sweating like fish on a chilled morning under a tree waiting for his call again. We went to his office and it seemd fine, i was @ ease, then he explained wat happend with my blood,the tests and all..and he came closer and said 'they found HIV' in my blood..1 word came out of my mouth- 'Nooo!' Nd he said yes, i broke down..i don't really know what went on in my mind,i was retarded,couldn't speak up,or say anything..horrific experience' i can only trace ds 2 1 person,hu promised m hs world nd insisted on not using protection,i was very skeptical abt it,tried saying no a couple of times,nd he would say he knows his status,nd tests regularly,every time i insisted on protection i would b accused of i gave in,it bcame pointless @ d end..thn he cheated,left me with a broken heart and HIV in my blood' :'(..1 day m gon die,we all are,but i promise myself i won't die of AiDS,,u can count on that