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Anon 20

Hi guys im 30 years old and hiv posetive in april 2009 after 2weeks i told all my family they just look at me and crying i said to them stop crying im not dying,we just chat about it they just give me suport.after a month i dicide to tell my boyfriend,it was at midnight when i told him he just look at me and say nothing i get worried why he just keep quit,i ask him did he go for test he says yes but came nagetive i have been stressed until he told me dat he is posetive,there after i get pregnant and our relationship goes well after i get baby things changed until i found him four times with different girls,one of them i told her dat im posetive she just ignore me saying im jealous now shes pregnant.i tried to talk with him he just carry on cheating i decide to leave him,now im stress free i take care of myself eating health so dat i can last the coming 30years and rise my sons with love,i thanks god to give me strength,love hope ,believing in myself knowing dat is not the end of my life,what makes me smilling is day my last son he is negative god save him.guys lets support each other and pray that one day medication will come out i love u all take care of urself