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Anon 19

I got married 2004 when I was 19 to my first love. I was virgin, my husband was my first sexual partner. Everything was great I was so happy. When I got pregnant tree years later I took a test that all pregnant women have to take in Sweden, it a routine test you take and they test you for all kind of diseases. Two weeks later we got a call from the local doctor and he told us to come in, I asked him if he could take it over the phone but he told me no. My husband understood Wright away that maybe we have HIV, I told him maybe it something else, stop worrying. Me and my husband want to the doctor and, we could see how nervous he was, we went in to his office sat down and then he told us that I had the HIV virus, are u shore I told him, he said that they had done the test 2 times and that they would like me and my husband to come and test us for HIV one more time for me and the first time for my husband. All I could think about was the baby i was caring, I knew that HIV did not infect the baby but I did not know why or how. The doctor told us that we had to go the the Infection clink and we would meet our specialist doctor who would answer all our questions. MY husband was so sad he cry and cry, you must hate me now, everything is my fault he told me. But I was not angry at him he did not know, and I love him and what to be wit him. The doctor at the infection clinic was wonderful best people in the world, they helped us so much. They told us that we could have as many children as we wanted and that we can live a long normal life. We have two children now 5 and 4 years old (not HIV infected) and we are like any normal family except from our secret. We have disaided to not tell anyone, and we believe that its the best way. Our family's see HIV as a death sentence and they would be devastated if they knew. You can have happy normal life and have HIV :)