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6 months pregnant & HIV positive

I am currently 6mnths pregnant I am 25 and found out that I have hiv when I went to my first obgyn appointment . I just got married a mnth prior to the man of my dreams. When they told us my whole world stopped I couldn't breath. I looked at my husband and my eyes filled with tears. I was petrified. For my life and the life of my unborn child. My husband immediately held me close while I cried. He asked to be tested as well. His test came back negative Thank god! But then I thought for sure he was going to leave me... And I wouldn't blame him. How could this happen to me I am 25 year old white women... U hear that this only happens to African American and gay people . But that is not true at all hiv does not discriminate. I went to the infectious desease doctor and found out that I have had hiv for 7 yrs. Meaning I got it when I was 17yrs old and that my counts came back that I had aids.

If I wouldn't have became pregnant right when I did and found out I was positive ... I would be dead by next year... This baby saved my life and I am so greatful for that. My husband did not leave me..our relationship is so strong now because of this. I appreciate my family and everyone and thing so much more.. I appreciate a beautiful day and a wet kiss from my dog. My biggest fear is that my baby will be born positve . I am on medications to prevent it. So hopefully the baby will be healthy. I do feel like an outcast. I ask myself why me everyday . I rack my brain wondering who could have given it to me... I guess I will never know and I have to look ahead and be thankful for my husband and my baby on the way.

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