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My names crystal but everyone calls me Chris, im 15 years old and im a lesbian i knew since about the 1st grade that i liked girls and not really boys. i always had crushes on the female teachers or class mates but i never really understood it, i thought it was okay and stuff but in the 8th grade i had my 1st girlfriend - lets call her A - we was dateing for about two mouths before anyone else knew, so on day i told my mom, she thought it was a phase and ill some day get over her, but i didnt, i ended up coming out too my friends and school, everyone was pretty cool i even help make a LGBT group too help any other students. Well what i'm trying to say there will never be a good or a right time to come out, you come out when you feel you're ready and trust me theres always gonna be someone too hate or dislike you, and you will loss friends, but who cares long as your happy with yourself. i really hope i helped just one person who ever is reading it gets soo much better trust me well bye

Submitted by Crystal

AVERT says: Comprehensive sex education is an essential part of HIV prevention. For more information, please see our designated pages.

Comprehensive sex education is an essential part of HIV prevention. - See more at:
Comprehensive sex education is an essential part of HIV prevention. - See more at:


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