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First time sex personal stories

Losing your virginity, or having sex for the first time, is an important life event for a lot of people.

Some feel really strongly about saving their first time sex for someone special, or until they’ve reached a certain age. Others feel that sex should be saved until after marriage.

Whatever sex means to you – deciding when the time is right is a very personal decision. Regardless of your intentions, some people's first time works out exactly how they want it to, and other people’s may not. Even if you regret it, how you move forward is what matters most.  

Read a selection of different first time sex stories here. If you have your own story you'd like to share, send it to [email protected]. If you'd like it to be anonymous, leave it in the comments box below.

multicultural couple portrait in an urban place
"I felt that I was letting down my family. Being raised a Catholic, premarital sex is frowned upon."
young woman of African American descent with big smile
“The first couple of tries were discouraging because his penis would not go in. I felt the ridiculousness of it.”
Picture of a pensive teen
“For our first time, we used a condom. But I had to change it 3 times because she was dry and it was painful for her.”
Picture of a smiling african young girl
“I am 17 and still a virgin. I've been in situations where it could easily have happened, but never ever allowed it to.”
Young asian man
“I ended up trying so hard to "encourage" it, that I ended up ejaculating before I'd even put the condom on.”
The Young Boy Thinking
“I kept telling her how much I cared about her and how much I loved her and she liked it. I could tell by her body.”

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