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Reflections on the Epidemic - World Development Information Day 2013

World Development Day interviewee

Reflections on the Epidemic - World Development Information Day 2013 series

For World Development Information Day 2013, AVERT interviewed a selection of young people from around the globe, getting them to reflect on the HIV/AIDS development challenges in their country.

As supporters of AVERT’s Get Plugged In campaign, our interviewees are part of a network of well-informed young people, aged 18-25, that explore HIV and AIDS issues in our private Get Plugged In forum.

The UN theme for World Development Information Day, celebrated annually on October 24th, concentrates on: “Improving the dissemination of information and the mobilisation of public opinion, particularly among young people…”

Applying this theme to HIV and AIDS, we asked our Get Plugged In members how technology improves access to HIV/AIDS information and awareness of HIV/AIDS development challenges.

A collection of inspiring and insightful interviews, our Reflections on the Epidemic – a series of interviews from young people for World Development Information Day 2013 - tap into the opinions and perspectives of young people on HIV and AIDS from four regions across the globe.

You can also see all interviews in this series at the end of each article.

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Angela Ernest Ayabonga Setia Lisa Reel


Umunthu Foundation

South Africa

Fokus Muda

South Africa

United Kingdom

All opinions expressed in 'Reflections on the Epidemic' do not necessarily represent those of AVERT.




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