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Many people who use PEP also likely to have a mental health condition

28 August, 2015

Many people who use post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV are also highly likely to have a mental health issue, according to new research published in AIDS and Behaviour this month. The researchers looked retrospectively at data from a community health clinic in Boston, USA and found that over 50% of people who used PEP after consensual unprotected sex were also living with a mental health condition.


Communities are essential to HIV response

19 August, 2015

The role of communities in moving forward the global HIV response has been recognised in a new report by UNAIDS and the STOP AIDS Alliance.


US HIV strategy highlights role of PrEP

11 August, 2015

The updated US National HIV/AIDS Strategy emphasises the role of PrEP in reducing new HIV infections among people at ‘substantial risk’ of HIV, such as young gay and bisexual men.


HIV-positive mothers thrive on peer support

5 August, 2015

Mothers and pregnant women living with HIV greatly benefit from access to peer support to encourage access to prevention of mother to child transmission services and retention in care.


Providers lack knowledge to care for older PLHIV

30 July, 2015

As people living with HIV in the UK are growing older, the need for their health needs to be well understood is crucial. Yet, many care providers do not have an up-to-date knowledge of HIV.