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01 December 2015
AIDS awareness ribbon
As we mark the 28th World AIDS Day, I reflect back on the unprecedented progress made in response to a global health and development challenge affecting hundreds of millions of people. I also look back on what has been harder to make progress on, and why HIV-related stigma remains one the biggest challenges we have yet to fully overcome.What we... more
Still from Stand Up to HIV animation
26 November 2015
AVERT press release for Stand Up to HIV campaign:To mark World AIDS Day (1 December 2015) HIV charity AVERT has launched an animation to help people overcome fears and worries about HIV – something which is stopping millions of people from getting... more
Silhouette of young man looking up
26 November 2015
46% of people living with HIV do not know they have it. Stigma surrounding HIV remains one of the biggest reasons people are not testing.  Today we are launching our Stand Up to HIV campaign to challenge people to overcome their fear of... more
HIV treatment for children
25 November 2015
Incredible progress has been made in scaling up HIV treatment globally - 15.8 million people are now accessing antiretroviral treatment. This has increased dramatically from just 2.2 million in 2005 and 7.5 million in 2010. “Every five years we have... more
Drugs needle
19 November 2015
A recent report has revealed that almost half of people who inject drugs in the United Kingdom are unaware they have hepatitis C.Co-infection of hepatitis C and HIV can result in a higher chance of developing liver damage, compared to people living... more
Young people at school
09 November 2015
By Mariam Nassaka, a citizen journalist from the Key Correspondents networkNdaula Hamidu, 24, was born with HIV and is now an advocate for sexual and reproductive rights and services, including family planning – issues he says concern young men as... more