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People living with HIV in Peru protest against high treatment prices

23 January, 2015

US pharmaceutical company Brystol-Myers-Squibb has monopoly on the provision of antiretroviral treatment in Peru, driving treatment prices over the top.


People living with HIV do not face increased risks for heart attack

20 January, 2015

People living with HIV do not longer face an increased risk for a heart attack a recently published study in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases concludes


China: New HIV infections increase by 15%

19 January, 2015

New HIV infections in China have increased by 14.8 percent in the last year alone, according to reports from Xinhua, the state-run Chinese newspaper.


Mental health problems increase risk of HIV in men having sex with men

16 January, 2015

Men who have sex with men and suffer from a mental health conditions have an increased risk for HIV in comparison to men having sex with men not suffering of any mental health condition.


Research calls for start of HIV treatment within 12 months of infection

15 January, 2015

Starting ART within 12 months of becoming infected has significant immunological benefits for people living with HIV.