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09 February 2016
Two men of African origin
New research indicates that only 38% of black Americans living with HIV consistently remain in HIV care, compared to 50% for Hispanic/ Latino Americans, and 49% for white Americans. The findings were released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, to mark National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in the... more
Truvada - the drug used as PrEP
05 February 2016
Resistance to the commonly prescribed antiretroviral drug tenofovir is ‘surprisingly common’, according to findings published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases last week.What does the study say?The study, TenoRes, reviewed data on drug resistance... more
HIV virus in bloodstream
29 January 2016
HIV still replicates within the lymphoid tissues, even when people are on antiretroviral treatment and have an undetectable viral load, according to scientists at Northwestern University in the USA.This new research, published in the journal Nature... more
Doctor injecting patient with gloves on
29 January 2016
A once-a-week injection that can offer ‘complete viral-load suppression’ for up to 17 months, could be available from 2017 according to Pharmaceutical company CytoDyn Inc. following a trial of 23 patients.According to the company announcement (19... more
HIV small grants recipient Zambia
28 January 2016
AVERT has launched a new partnership to support communities affected by the dual epidemics of HIV and tuberculosis (TB) in Zambia, thanks to funding from Comic Relief.Zambia has some of the highest rates of HIV and TB globally – an estimated 12.5%... more
Women at work in Nepal
27 January 2016
By Danai MajahaFamily planning is not only about the rights of women and girls to make their own choices about having children and looking after their reproductive health, it's also key to global development.  This was the underlying message... more