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Different populations reached with different community HIV testing and counselling approaches

22 December, 2014

Research provides more insight into what types of community-based HIV testing and counselling (HTC) are most effective. Home-based testing is more effective for researching hard to reach populations, mobile clinic testing is best for detection of new HIV infections.


Number of babies born with HIV down by 78 percent in Latin America and Caribbean

19 December, 2014

The number of babies born with HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean has decreased by 78 percent – from 10,700 in 2001, to 2,324 in 2013 – according to a new report PAHO/WHO, and UNICEF.


Contraception uptake improves along HIV treatment cascade

15 December, 2014

Women living with HIV on antiretroviral treatment (ART) are more likely to report single and dual-method contraception use, the longer they are enrolled on HIV treatment. The findings, reported in JAIDS this week, looked at research from a rural community in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and is the first of its kind to look at uptake of contraception in women as they progress along the HIV treatment cascade.


Human rights cannot be overlooked in the response to HIV

12 December, 2014

The global HIV epidemic is characterised by stigma and discrimination making it difficult for key populations to reach services they need.


Mortality risks in children on ART measured by weight gaining

10 December, 2014

A recently published study in AIDS Journal concludes that children with poor weight gain after being on antiretroviral treatment for 6 and 12 months have a higher risk of death in comparison to children who gained good weight over the same period.


Positive messaging about safer injecting better for engaging PWID

9 December, 2014

Delivering positive messaging about safer injecting practices could have a greater impact on engaging people who use drugs in harm reduction programmes.


World AIDS Day 2014: A message from AVERT's CEO

1 December, 2014

A blog from Sarah Hand, AVERT's Chief Executive for World AIDS Day 2014


World AIDS Day 2014: What contract are you on?

1 December, 2014

A guest blog post from Georgina Caswell, Regional Programme Advisor: Link Up (Africa), International HIV/AIDS Alliance for World AIDS Day 2014.