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Government to Launch £300m anti-STI campaign

John Reid, the UK Health Secretary, has announced proposals for a £300 million campaign to tackle the rapidly increasing rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the country. "Prevention messages are not getting through," he said, “We need to act now on sexual health - and make it a priority."


53,000 UK adults now living with HIV

A Health Protection Agency report out today shows an estimated 53,000 adults in the UK are now living with HIV, an increase of around 3,500 on 2002 figures. Of this figure, over a quarter (14,300) are though to be unaware of their positive status.


Gay Hate Reggae Lyrics 'fuel HIV rates'

Homophobic Reggae stars that sing about killing gay people are encouraging the spread of HIV with their lyrics according to the UK Minister for International Development, Gareth Thomas.


Documentary shows Prince Harry with ‘virgin cure’ victim baby

Prince Harry has featured in a documentary examining the horrific explosion of sexual violence against children which is sweeping Africa. Visiting Lesotho, a small country bordering South Africa, Prince Harry met a 15 month old baby girl who is housed in a centre which offers counselling to children who have been attacked.

The documentary followed Prince Harry as he visited the Mazenod Child Counselling Unit, which operates a drop-in service, but which has had to house the child-victims – because there is nowhere else for them to go.