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90% of School Nurse's time spent dealing with sex problems

Nurses at a conference held by The Royal College of Nursing have told how increasing numbers of pupils are coming to them with sex-related worries.

School health workers across the country expressed their concern about the young people in their care who often report feeling pressured into sex at the age of just 12 or 13. Boys in particular have said they frequently feel the only way to prove their masculinity is to have sex.


New Fixed-dose combination pill fails first trial

A new pill to fight HIV, the first ever to be produced through collaboration between two separate pharmaceutical companies, has failed its first round of trials. The fixed-dose combination tablet combines Truvada, made by Gilead Sciences, and Sustiva, made by Bristol-Meyers Squibb and is designed to make antiretroviral treatment simpler and more effective. It was deemed 'non-bioequivalent' because the levels of Sustiva within the pill were too low to provide a therapeutic dose to the patient.


AIDS drugs not reaching those in need

Anti-HIV Drugs intended for use in third world countries are being resold for profit to the NHS, it was revealed yesterday.

A number of British companies have been linked to drug 'diversion' scams, whereby antiretroviral medications destined for use in developing countries are illegally sold on to European buyers at profits much higher than they would receive were the drugs to go to their intended destination. Some of these drugs have even ended up within the National Health Service, who admit they have little time to check the origin of every batch of drugs they buy.


HIV+ men to sue government for failure to provide PEP

Two HIV+ men are planning to sue the UK Department of Health for failing to introduce a proper system of access to drugs that could have prevented them from becoming HIV+.


Scottish Police call for new laws to protect them from HIV

Police officers in Scotland have called on the Scottish Executive to introduce laws to protect them against HIV and other bloodborne viruses that may be transmitted through attacks at work.


India denies claims about scale of HIV infection

The Indian government has dismissed claims that the country is now home to the greatest number of HIV positive people in the world. Official estimates by UNAIDS put the number of people living with HIV in India at 5.1 million, placing the country just behind South Africa's HIV+ population of 5.3 million.


What will new Pope mean for HIV prevention?

The election of a new leader always brings with it hopes for change, but in the Catholic Church, an institution famed for its ties to the past, change is all too often unthinkable.


Shared Breastfeeding increases risk of HIV transmission

A new South African study has shown that shared breast-feeding and 'wet nursing' can significantly increase the risk of young babies contracting HIV.