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Living with HIV

Taking antiretroviral treatment

Living with HIV is a phrase increasingly being used to describe positive living and managing one's status. Advances in HIV education, diagnosis and treatment means that testing positive for HIV is less frightening compared to the early days when there was no treatment or much understanding of the virus. These resources are aimed at helping people deal with being HIV-positive. Whether you have just been diagnosed or not, information is available for people living with HIV and their partners, family or friends.

Like any other medical condition, living with HIV means that people have to do things differently, be it taking medication at particular times, seeing a doctor more frequently, following a particular diet or avoiding doing certain things that would probably affect one's treatment or health. Each individual is different and medical professionals across the world are increasingly being trained to better their management of people's health. It may not be easy, but living positively with HIV is possible.

From this page you can access personal stories from people living with HIV and other useful information from HIV-specialists, medical and social researchers and professionals. This information may help you or your friends and family to understand living with HIV including what to do after learning that you are positive, dealing with fear, getting support, understanding your health, including food and nutrition, as well as managing ignorant or ill-informed people who may be discriminatory or offensive.

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