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Corporate and Business Fundraising

Fundraising for AVERT through your company or business is a sustainable way of encouraging staff engagement and enhancing corporate social responsibility. If your business or your staff are able to contribute to the work of AVERT, we have the appropriate promotional and marketing tools to ensure any corporate partnership is as productive and professional as possible.

Tax-efficient giving for your company and your staff

Your workplace may be able to enroll on payroll giving schemes, where staff can choose a percentage of their wages to be donated to a charity of their choice each month. In the UK, this scheme is used widely as part of a service provided by the Charities Aid Foundation. It's possible to set a donation to the UK registered charity AVERT in this way even if your business and employees are not based in the UK. Payroll giving is tax-efficient, as the donation is taken from wages before tax is deducted.

You can encourage and support the good will of your employees by matching donations made by your staff like for like. No corporation tax is paid on donations that are matched by the employer, and you can even run the scheme as a 'Charity of the Year' event as part of your community engagement or social responsibility strategy.

Support we can offer:

  • Our website reach: AVERT can feature your company on our website and social networks, which have a combined reach of over 32 million people around the world.
  • Features in our reports, supporter newsletters and media: Our interactive newsletter is sent directly to over 10,000 of our supporters each quarter.
  • Visit days to your office: AVERT is based in Horsham, West Sussex; within easy reach of London and a short commute to other areas of the UK.
  • Business breakfasts and networking events: AVERT is happy to arrange networking events and to meet your key clients.
  • Certificates and recognition: We can offer certificates and opportunities for recognition across our audience base, via features on our website and social media networks.
  • Assistance with events and promotions: AVERT's fundraising team is on hand to assist you with charity events.

“AVERT have done a wonderful job in supporting me and my adventure and at the same time provided me with the tools to communicate my progress and success. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the AVERT team and look forward to collaborating again on my future challenges to come.” Greg Healey, Everest summiteer and co-founder of Village Drinks - the largest networking organisation for gay professionals in the UK.


If you or your colleagues would like to contribute to a future without AIDS, a donation or partnership with AVERT will have a direct impact on people living with or affected by the epidemic across the world.

AVERT receives no funding from government or other statutory sources and our administration costs are kept low. We operate from one office in Horsham, West Sussex. That means that a large proportion of your corporate or business involvement with our charity will directly support our HIV/AIDS work.

AVERT works with people living in countries severely affected by the AIDS epidemic, building the capacity of projects delivering life-saving HIV and AIDS treatment and care. Donations support services that are sustainable and create long term solutions to the effects of AIDS. AVERT responds to the needs of each community within which we work, tailoring support to those who need it most. Funding has supported a variety of vital care work, from school bursaries for children orphaned as a result of AIDS to support for mobile testing centres.

We also produce one of the world's most popular, award-winning, HIV/AIDS information website: With a reach of over 2.5 million people worldwide per month, AVERT is utlising the best and most current web technology to take HIV/AIDS knowledge to the world.

Contact our fundraising team

Download AVERT Community Fundraising PackFor more information, please contact the AVERT fundraising team by e-mail, telephone or post. We'll be happy to help.

Post: 4 Brighton Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5BA, United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)1403 210202 (Hours are 9-5pm GMT Mon-Fri)



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