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AVERT's policy

Most material on the website is the copyright of AVERT, although some parts (photos, for example) may be the copyright of other organisations. Anything that belongs to someone else will have a reference on or near it saying who the copyright holder is.

Please don't copy chunks of the website. We are a charity and we work hard to produce this information. If you would like to reproduce any of the text, graphics or images on the site, there are important legal reasons why you will need to have permission first.


Image refers to both photos and illustrations.

Images throughout the site are accompanied with a credit to their copyright owner. Simply click on any photo or illustration on the site that you wish to know more about and you will be taken to the image in our media gallery. The media gallery will provide information about the copyright holder and their contact details (if available) as well as more information about the image.

You should always contact the copyright holder directly if you wish to use an image. If you would like to use AVERT’s images or need any further help surrounding the copyright of images on the site then please contact Laura at

Please let us know exactly which image you would like to use by giving us the image reference number (eg ‘image_284') that appears with the image in the media gallery. The screenshot indicates where to look for this information.

If you would like to use an image belonging to AVERT please email the image number with details about where you would like to use the image and whether or not you would like to use it for an educational/ non-profit purpose.


Graphics refers to everything on the site that is not an image. For example, any design elements such as page headings, maps, graphs, logos, etc. (most of the time a graphic has been created using a computer).

Every graphic on the site belongs to AVERT and may not be used without permission. Please email Laura at if you would like to use any of AVERT’s graphics, including information on which graphic you would like to use and for what purpose (e.g non-profit/small-scale educational use).


The videos featured on the website are credited to the appropriate copyright holder in the information accompanying the video.

Most of the videos on our website are hosted by YouTube, Inc. and streamed from servers using the YouTube embedded player. AVERT does not claim any copyright ownership over videos not created by ourselves, nor do we give permission for their use outside the terms of use on

You may link to or embed the AVERT copyrighted videos on other websites using the YouTube player to stream directly from the YouTube servers, but may not create copies of the videos to use in other formats. Still images may not be taken from any of our videos under any circumstances.

If you wish to use any videos that are not streamed from, please contact Laura at


Most of the statistical data on the site comes from other sources, which are referenced on the page. If you would like to use the data in AVERT's tables and graphs you should contact the copyright holder directly. Please do not copy and paste entire tables from our site. If you have any further queries please contact Laura at


Unless credited otherwise, all text on the site belongs to AVERT. If you wish to quote a short section of text from the site, please reference it with a credit to AVERT (next to the text and include a link to our website if possible). This is not permission to copy large amounts of content from us. Please remember that we are a charity and rely on our content as a method of education, and as a source of fundraising for our projects.

If you do wish to use larger sections of text then please contact Laura at Let us know exactly what material you would like to use and include the page URL (eg Please also let us know what you would like to use the material for (e.g small-scale educational use or for publication in a book etc.). We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

You are welcome to print any of our web pages for personal use, provided you follow the terms of our disclaimer.

Games, quizzes & lesson plans

If you would like to feature or link to our games on your blog or website click on the game you would like to use and you can find all of the links you need at the bottom of the page. Please always reference the game to

The quizzes and lesson plans can be printed or downloaded in PDF format for non-profit, small-scale educational use. Please always reference the quizzes and lesson plans to Please contact us if you would like to use these resources for a purpose other than that stated above.