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HIV and AIDS Charity AVERT

AVERT is an international HIV and AIDS charity, based in the UK, working to avert HIV and AIDS worldwide, through education, treatment and care.

HIV and AIDS charity AVERT in action

AVERT’s charity work consists of three closely related programmes of activity.

AVERT’s Community Programme supports and builds partnerships with local organisations who are working to directly avert the spread of HIV and AIDS, and to improve the treatment, care and support of people infected with, or affected by HIV and AIDS. AVERT is currently in partnerships with HIV & AIDS community-based organisations in southern Africa, particularly in areas where there are extremely high rates of HIV infection.

“Thanks so much - you have absolutely changed my life for the better.”


AVERT also provides a wide range of information to educate people about HIV and AIDS across the world. AVERT’s highly successful website,, provides information on  all aspects of HIV and AIDS, as well as having specific areas for young people, interactive quizzes, an extensive photo gallery, and videos. The website is one of the most widely accessed HIV and AIDS websites in the world, reaching more than 200 countries and territories. 

AVERT’s Information and Campaigns Team keeps on top of research in the field of HIV and AIDS, providing information on key reports and breaking news, as well as campaigning for improved responses on specific issues.

AVERT's community programme

These are some examples of our current projects and partnerships in South Africa and Malawi.


Based in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, the Sisonke project is working to strengthen and empower small community groups who are actively responding to the needs of local people severely affected by HIV/AIDS. Sisonke helps these groups to develop their HIV/AIDS activities, to get treatment, and supports them in providing education and care in their communities. Through these groups Sisonke is helping to meet the needs of over 800 orphans and vulnerable children within their communities.

Umunthu Foundation

The Umunthu Foundation is a community organisation based in Bangwe township, Blantyre, Malawi. AVERT has provided support to Umunthu to help re-establish the HIV testing clinic at the local Bangwe Health centre and the Foundation’s own clinic. In the first six months since the project started, 2192 people have been tested for HIV, free of charge. Clients who test positive for HIV are referred to the health centre for follow up and treatment.

Umunthu also supports HIV prevention in local schools by helping to facilitate group discussions during school assemblies and anti-AIDS club meetings. Educational materials are distributed in schools and are available at the Umunthu clinic for young people to read. Umunthu has worked hard to make it’s services accessible to young people, and prides itself on the uptake and enthusiasm within the local community.

You can learn more about AVERT's community AIDS projects.

AVERT needs your help

AVERT as a charity relies on the generosity of the public to keep our activities going. If you are able to make a donation this will actively contribute to the work of AVERT, and we will be extremely grateful. There are many great ways you can fundraise to support our work, some of which are listed on our fundraising page, or you can call us on 01403 210202, or email, to discuss any other fundraising ideas. We would love to hear from you.

If you would like your donation to go towards one particular area of our charity work, such as our partnerships in Africa, then please do let us know and we will be delighted to do this.

How is AVERT organised?

To keep our administration costs as low as possible, AVERT has just one office in Horsham, in the South of England. Our address is 4 Brighton Road, Horsham, West Sussex, England, RH13 5BA.

AVERT was started in 1986 and was previously known as the "AIDS Education & Research Trust". AVERT is registered in England, Charity No. 1074849, Company No. 3716796.


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